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Happiness is...

Letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is!
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I remember...

When we used to talk everyday. I miss that.
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The 3 Types of Friends

Friend for a reason, friend for a season, and friend for a lifetime. Which one are you?
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Strangers Think I'm Shy...

But my friends know better!
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Friends Forever

Side by side or miles apart, friends are forever close to your heart.

Reminiscing the Past ( hahaha.. )

We started as unknown classmates
Until we became good friends
It was because I am curious
To your face which quite serious

Little by little since then
Your funny jokes keep me on smilin'
When I'm with you always prayin'
That our friendship will never end

On September last, a friend asked:
"for you if ever I had a crush?!?
With you my head's up, I answered "YES!"
Although nervous with a cheek blush

I thought you'll change
Upon learning my feelings
But the thought went wrong
For you only smile & say nothing..

Months past, much heart
Learning about the girl you want
But I have to face the truth
'Cause loving you for me's worth

Later, I feel so confused..
You make things even worse
By asking me advices
On how to court the girl you wishes.

Don't you know if gave me so much pain?!?
But I didn't let you notice a thing.
Instead I advice you to continue
On courting the lass whom you love true.

I have to accept the fact,
Like the song which says that..
"Somebody owns your heart,
It can never be mine" :(
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Choices vs. Fate

Once in awhile, I ponder the question of whether a different choice in life would have drastically changed my outcome. And I often wonder, do we really have choices or are we destined by fate?

Perhaps there is such a thing as reincarnation, where the laws of the universe work whether you believe in them or not; where karma is dealt to our particular situations because of what we have done or not done, good or bad. This also includes the idea that 'like attracts like' and any negative or positive energies we release toward others bounces back to us a hundred times greater.

I remember my aunt used to tell me, "Be careful what you think and what you say!" She believed, that any negative energy (like hatred or anger) would quickly tie you to that person in a next life, so that both parties must come back to work it out. What a perfect way to receive punishments and rewards for our bad or good deeds.

So, getting back to choices vs. fate, I realize that certain situations in my life have caused me to choose certain paths - whether I was trying to get away from a bad situation or whether a particular choice just appealed to me more. The key thing to understand, though, is that it isn't so much the choice (because no matter what we choose, it has a way of working out to what we need to learn anyway) it is the way we reacted to the situation that is the real issue. How we 'choose' to react is far more important than the choices we make.

My grandmother used to tell me, "You can't avoid problems in life. Every time you try to go around them, they meet you in the face. You have to go through them and deal with them in order to get rid of them."

This is part of what it means to 'live in the present'. Deal with it, good or bad, and you won't have to deal with it again, but try to avoid it or fight it, and you will find yourself in an unhappy and long struggle until you're ready to accept it as it is. Allow 'what is' to 'be'. Any resistance on your part just prolongs your suffering.

Do I believe in fate? To a certain extent I do. I believe that we are put here to learn lessons, and we have to keep coming back until we get it right. We are born into the very situations we need in order to learn what we must learn. But once again, it is how we react that is the key to getting us out of our own hells. How we react is the key to turning our fates around. That's when great things start to happen in your life - miracles that you might not ever have experienced had you not learned the lesson you were dealt.

And do I believe we have choices? Oh, yes! But only if we are ready for them... only if we can change our negatives into positives do we get some choices that lead us out of our self-imposed dungeon of sorrow.

The key: How we react determines our happiness, our fate, and our choices. So, start by putting those positive energies out there and watch the magic happen! Greet hatred with love, violence with peace. Judge not. Love thy enemy.

have a great weekend everyone :)
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Intent is a reflection of the spirit's desire to create in the material world. The only way to clearly translate that desire into physical reality is through action. Intent without dedicated action is simply not enough. Action without a clear intent is a waste. It is when these two powerful forces are aligned that the energy of the universe conspires in your favor.

Intent and action are the fuel and vehicle in the journey of creation. When you establish a destination by defining what you want, then take physical action by making choices that move you towards that destination, the possibility for success is limitless and arrival at the destination is inevitable.

Balance these two powerful forces in your life! Too much intent coupled with too little action is a recipe for frustration and impotent existing. Too much action with too little intent makes for wasteful exertion of energy and the confusion between movement and progress. It is in the balance of these forces that the seeds of happiness, success, and creation are watered and nourished to grow.

Today is your day to harness these mega powers and put their limitless potential to work for you. The universe conspires in your favor the moment you deliver to it a clear message of balanced intent and action.
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What if you placed fewer conditions on your own happiness?

What if you didn't place destination markers on your own happiness?
"I'll be happy when I get home" or "I'll be happy when I pay off my house"
or "I'll be happy when I have a new car", etc...

What if you change the rules and make happiness a natural way of living?

Remember, nothing in life comes labeled, YOU are the labeler.

You can complain that roses have thorns or you can celebrate that thorns have roses. It's up to you!

Take some time to reflect on the power you possess to control your labels.

This universe is balanced. There is always something you can see as a positive in any situation.

Throughout history, some of the greatest messages have come out of the greatest messes.

Happiness is a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. It needs to be found.
And finding happiness should not be seen as finding a needle in a haystack.
Each day is a blessing that brings an abundance of happiness.
Finding happiness should be like finding a gift in a stack of gifts.

Find your gift today. It's a new day!
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