Reminiscing the Past ( hahaha.. )

We started as unknown classmates
Until we became good friends
It was because I am curious
To your face which quite serious

Little by little since then
Your funny jokes keep me on smilin'
When I'm with you always prayin'
That our friendship will never end

On September last, a friend asked:
"for you if ever I had a crush?!?
With you my head's up, I answered "YES!"
Although nervous with a cheek blush

I thought you'll change
Upon learning my feelings
But the thought went wrong
For you only smile & say nothing..

Months past, much heart
Learning about the girl you want
But I have to face the truth
'Cause loving you for me's worth

Later, I feel so confused..
You make things even worse
By asking me advices
On how to court the girl you wishes.

Don't you know if gave me so much pain?!?
But I didn't let you notice a thing.
Instead I advice you to continue
On courting the lass whom you love true.

I have to accept the fact,
Like the song which says that..
"Somebody owns your heart,
It can never be mine" :(


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